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Metal Prices (per gram, excluding VAT)

We make every effort to make sure these prices are live and up to date, but please contact us if you want to double check!
Casting, mould, wax injecting and 3d print charges are all detailed below the metal prices table. 

Solidscape Printing

From £15.00 ex VAT

Solus Resin Printing

From £35.00 ex VAT

The above charges for Solidscape Wax and Solus Resin 3d printing cover most standard rings, pendants, earrings, and smaller items.  Larger items such as bangles, or very wide rings, larger signet rings, will cost more depending on their size and the time it takes to build them.  Please feel free to send us your files for an accurate estimate on the cost. 


3d Scanning

From £25.00 ex VAT



Casting Charges

Casting Charges (including adding single feed/simple sprue) 

1 to 3 Items (minimum charge)    £10.00
Up to 20 Items            £2.50 (per item)
Over 20 Items            £2.00 (per item)


Rubber Moulds

Prices are the same for (Hot) Vulcanised Rubber Moulds or (Cold) Silicon Rubber Moulds.

Small        Medium        Large        Extra Large

£25.00        £35.00        £45.00        £55.00  


Wax Injecting

From £2.00 per item.  Surcharges applied depending on complexity/simplicity.  Likewise, discounts can applied for high quantities - please ask for further information.  

Master Pattern Finishing

We can finish your master patterns to the standard you require - this service is charged at £45.00 per hour.  Please email us or telephone for further details.


Sprue Charges (For Master Patterns)

From: £11.25 ex VAT.  This includes adding the necessary metal/silver sprue(s) and feeds to master patterns to ensure the best results for wax injecting and casting.   The base charge of £11.25 will cover the majority of straightforward items - single feed sprues and U shape feeds.  More complex multi-spoke sprue designs will be charged at an hourly rate of £45.00. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding pricing or need help with working out the costs for your casting project.  We are happy to help on the phone or via email - which ever works best for you.   All prices displayed are excluding VAT.

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