Q Branch : Bespoke Casting
Q Branch Bespoke Casting


Specialising in Platinum and Palladium casting for the UK jewellery industry, we also cast in sterling silver, yellow, white and rose gold.  

Precious Metal Casting

A vital part of contemporary jewellery making  - our passion is bringing your designs to life in precious metal.  


Lost wax casting, a process that dates back to 3700 BC, is the backbone of our business and a fundamental part of modern jewellery creation.  

Whether you are a jewellery retailer with a bespoke department, a designer just starting out or an established jewellery manufacturing firm, we can provide high quality castings in your desired precious metals.

Using the latest techniques, tools, machinery and consumables, blended with traditional, time-honoured skills and exceptional knowledge of casting in precious metals - no job is too big or too small for Q Branch.  

Get in touch and discover how we can we help you with your precious metal casting project.  


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Less a casting workshop, more a laboratory, we like to keep Q  Branch immaculate with a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule.   This ensures we keep our equipment in ship-shape so we can get your castings on to your bench peg, fast.  

The machinery and equipment we use at Q Branch is of the highest standard to provide you with the best quality precious metal castings.  

Our vacuum over-pressure machine for silver and gold casting applies a 3-bar pressure and a -1 bar vacuum ensuring compact and dense castings every time.  

The centrifugal machine we use for platinum and palladium provides fantastic results, pushing past the capabilities and scale limits of smaller tilt and pour machines.  

We use a variety of investment powders and furnace cycles to suit the waxes or resins being burned out.  

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At Q Branch, we carefully select our alloys and cast in the below precious metals:

Platinum (950) Cobalt
Platinum (950) Plus
Palladium (950)
22ct Yellow Gold
18ct White Gold (750) High Palladium ( 16%)
18ct White Gold (750) Standard Palladium (12.5%)
18ct Yellow Gold (750)
18ct Red Gold (750)
14ct White Gold (585)
14ct Yellow Gold (585)
14ct Red Gold (585)
9ct White Gold (375)
9ct Yellow Gold (375)
9ct Red Gold (375)

FairTrade Alloys

18ct Yellow Gold (750)
18ct White Gold (750)
18ct Red Gold (750)

We are always open to discussing small run custom alloys so please get in touch if you have special requirements.  

Our alloys are supplied by Allgemeine and Cookson Precious Metals, both certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.  

Fair-trade alloys are supplied and alloyed by Betts Metals.  

*Platinum Plus is a non-magnetic gallium and copper containing alloy. Please allow up to 2 weeks for casting in this alloy. There is also a £90.00 ex VAT flask charge for single item orders if you require it sooner.


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